The Third Teacher & New beginnings

Murray and Kim have been very busy trying to move, unpack and organize TEN years of materials, books & artifacts as they begin to design an environment which stimulates & transforms teaching & learning at Vernon Community School.  Otherwise known as “the third teacher”in the Reggio Emilia tradition, we too believe that physical ecology is astonishingly impactful.  Let’s collaborate to create something very special for our children at Vernon Community School’s Fulton campus.

“All we can know about the world our children will step into is that it will have challenges & opportunities beyond what we can imagine today;  problems & possibilities that will demand creativity & ingenuity, responsibility & compassion.  Whether our children will merely survive or positively thrive in the decades to come depends in large measure on the experiences he/she has in school. Those experiences will be shaped by adults, by peers, and ultimately by places, by the physical environments where he/she does his/her learning.  United in the conviction that environment is our children’s third teacher, we can begin anew a vital mission designing today’s schools for tomorrow’s world.”

The Third Teacher, a collaborative project


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