Mentoring at Vernon Community School

The Mentor Program at the Vernon Community School is proving to be rewarding and enriching for all involved. So far, our children have been exposed to a long time martial arts expert who is delving into building character, self-esteem and inner and outer strength, a VCS parent who is sharing her love of the art of knitting, another who is offering knowledge about managing Social Media, a local Actor who is sharing confidence-building techniques along with his craft, a Photographer who herself became interested in her art at 12 years old and loves to teach it to kids, an Acupuncturist who is enlightening the class with information about Traditional Chinese Medicine, A Chiropractor and Pharmacist with ideas of bringing science to VCS in many ways, a talented musician and maker who leads our kids in a weekly community jam session, a movement and dance teacher who also teaches the kids about working with fabric and a Family Doctor who showed the class how to apply a cast and spoke about her path. Kim and Murray have also welcomed many mentors to our space including a basketball expert. They can expand on the people they are working with to share their talents and passions with our community.

Contact has also been made with the artist responsible for the murals on downtown Vernon buildings and a mural tour and lesson on becoming a muralist is in the works. We have Web Development experts, a Coder, an Animator, a Naturopath, a Family Counsellor, an Illustrator, a world traveler, a Gardener, a Voice-over Artist, a Science Teacher, a Massage Therapist and a Financial Advisor all planning visits to the school soon.

The students have expressed interest in the following additional vocations: Woodworking, Cooking, Architecture, Gaming, Hang-Gliding, Construction, Math and Child Care. I am continuing to gather people with these skills for the kids, but am eager to hear from as many people as possible regarding contacts they may have. If there is anyone in your lives with a passion, hobby or skill they’d be willing to share, igniting passion within the kids, please let me know. I will take all the help I can get.

Please also consider you or someone you know becoming a Reading mentor. So far, a couple of wonderful women have attended the class along with their pre- school aged, or home-schooled kids. This is turning out to be a gift for everyone involved. If you know of someone who can serve as an enthusiastic and supportive listener for an hour a week, feel free to contact me so we can add it to the weekly schedule. Thank you.

My contact information- Lisa Dumas – cell- call/text- 250-540-7280



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