This Week @ VCS (September 26, 2016)

Well, it seems our days are becoming more rhythmic.  We notice that as the community becomes more familiar to and with each other, powerful questions, provocations, and learnings emerge.   Because at VCS we take up the evidence-based belief that “Learning happens in the context of relationship” (Neufeld, 2016), the focus of our days has been on relating in different ways to different people through different content with different facilitators representing different ways of being in the world.  Yes, it’s complex, layered, and at times messy, yet this process is establishing the soil in which students will grow this year.  It’s a critical and sensitive time as students come to know themselves, their teacher/facilitators/mentors, and others better.  Trust will take root, and through this trust, students will be more able to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.”  Vulnerability or the opening up to the new, different, and sometimes scary, is the beginning of growth – It is the birthplace of  innovation, creativity and change (Brown, 2014).

Some Details:

Thanks to Bowen for taking up the making of a trailer for “Science” … stay tuned for loud explosions !

Monday – Today we had our choice of physical activity, worked at polishing our Bee Provocations (presentations begin tomorrow), and enjoyed exploring our passions &/or are struggling to find a passion.  A teacher candidate, Ross, from UBCO came to volunteer and see what VCS is all about.  He will be returning for more next week !  Thank you to Shae for doing such a wonderful job of publicly thanking Ross at the end of the day.

Tuesday – We have “CC Studies” (science, reading, writing, numeracy) in the morning and some of us will be helping to move the handmade Okanagan canoe from the Fulton cafeteria to a trailer, while others will be carrying it from the trailer to the shoreline at Kin Beach.  We are honoured to be asked by Lori Phillip to be a part of this ceremony that has been over 10 years in the making.  The “why should I care about pollinators ?” group will be presenting their discoveries to the VCS community.

Wednesday – Doug will return and support his Bee group in presenting their finished bee boxes.  He will also be offering strength and conditioning, as well as another game of “rugger”.  Mentor Andrea Clarke will be joining her small group studying “art and emotions”.

Thursday – Mentor Bryan Wilson will be joining his tech group as they begin the awesome adventure of building computers !  Another Bee Provocation group will present their discoveries to the VCS community.

Friday – “Orange Shirt Day” – our day will be infused with teachings from the experience of surviving/enduring Residential Schools by the First Peoples of Canada.  Each student will also be writing a reflective assessment on what was learned about bees and pollination through our first provocation of the year.

I will be placing the magazine order tomorrow. 

Please double check that my list is complete.
I’ll assume it is correct unless I hear otherwise by tomorrow evening.

Milliken-Heape – 4
Hutchinson – 1
August – 2
Mullin – 3
Stark – 1
Harned – 1
Byles – 1
Mitchell – 3
Poitras – 4


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