Core Competency Growth Continuum


Yong Zhao challenges us that “the traditional grammar of schooling needs to be re-written”.    We believe that the core competencies of the B.C. Education Plan support Vernon Community School in doing this. 

As we examined our learning today with small groups of students (8-10) it became evident that students will become enabled to assess their capacities and performance in content areas when they become literate in creative, critical and reflective thinking; positive personal and cultural identity, personal awareness and responsibility and social awareness and responsibility;  and communication.   It is critical that space be given for students to discuss, wrestle with, ruminate upon and live in the tension that these growth continuums require.  Three groups were given 1 1/2 hours today and another three groups tomorrow for this literacy development.



(We imagine that the second term will allow us to begin having the students take up this new grammar as a means to describe their growing and learning in content areas.)

Core Competency Growth Continuums (pdf)


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