Path to Graduation @ VCS

There are core courses which all students at VCS receive for their participation and engagement in a variety of experiences (incorporating all aspects of the B.C. Curriculum), as well as learning and growth as a result.  This is documented through “Examinations of Learning” (fall, winter & spring), as well as teacher initiated documentation of learning on Fresh Grade.  Additional course credits can be given for students who document their work and learning from mentors and community partnerships on Fresh Grade (both inside of and outside of school).

 This documentation must include:

  •  photographs or video
  •  the name of the mentor, and their expertise/passion
  • the time devoted to the studies with the mentor as well as work taken up independently
  • a detailed explanation of the work/challenges/activities/experiences taken up and the learning that has occurred as a result of the work/challenges/activities/experiences

For most students – ages 12-15 – the core courses are english, math, social studies, science, health & career, p.e., and electives (mentor work and community partnerships).

For most students – ages 15-18 – credits for a variety of courses are given to students throughout these “grad study years”- english, math, social studies and science are core with electives (academic and vocational mentorships/college courses/online learning, etc.) chosen by students based upon interests and passions.  80 credits are required to receive a “Dogwood” certificate – the credentialing required for all post-secondary studies.

VCS is committed to co-creating programs which lead to “Dogwood” graduation for all students.  Students may remain at VCS until they are 19 (without cost) in order to achieve this. Students may also achieve these requirements and leave school early with their “Dogwood”.  These decisions will be made through conversations with students, parents, teachers and mentors, and documented in personalized learning plans (developed or reviewed each fall).

Please look at the link to the Ministry of Education website for further information:

Also, here are the Board authorized courses which students can receive credit for through mentorship/community partnerships at VCS: