Planning for the Year 2016-2017

This document will be started for each VCS student during the first week of school (probably in small group settings).  We recommend students and families reading the document and completing the “Setting Learning Goals” (page 2) portion to prepare for the planning meeting:

VCS – Learning Plan (draft) pdf

Although not using this document in the fall Learning Plan process, this document is used by VCS students in the fall, winter and spring to assess their learning in relation to the core competencies – thinking, personal, social, and communication skills (Ministry of Education). You will find this reference on page 3 of the Learning Plan document:

Core Competency Growth Continuum (pdf)

These documents are called “Performance Standards” and are measuring tools (Ministry of Education) to determine where students are at and their next steps in numeracy, writing and reading.  They will be used on the “Curricular Competencies” (page 4) portion of the document.  We encourage you to read a few to get a feel for the language:

Performance Standards – numeracy, writing, reading

For students who are interested in applying for VCS grad studies (must have had one year in VCS already) please take a look at this document and begin to consider your presentation of learning that will demonstrate your readiness for this new challenge:

grad studies brochure (draft) pdf