Reflecting on the April 2014 Potluck Gathering at Kin Beach

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  1. Hi Kim and Murray

    While awkward for some students at first, the kids mostly started to get more comfortable with doing introductions. This is an important skill to acquire in life (30 second elevator speech) and maybe something to work on in class!!

    I think that having two more gatherings before school starts will make the students feel like a group. While there are 11 kids coming from Ellision and have a “core” there may be an opportunity to match them with other kids from other schools so they don’t hang out together. Perhaps an idea for the June gathering might be for the kids to break up into groups of 4 and come up with fundraising ideas? There could be a student moderator for each group?

    I know that you want things to develop organically, but initially you may need to plant the seed….

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